We engage at the earliest stages with the most promising entrepreneurs building inherently mobile businesses.

Earliest stages -- Your idea on day 1, we're with you on day 2.  That's our motto. 

Promising entrepreneurs -- We invest in people. We look for founders who get things done, can sell a high-caliber team on their vision, and have the deep domain expertise to own the space they're attacking. Most of all, we seek founders who are compelled to learn, who constantly challenge their own assumptions and are driven to validate their approaches. In short, we back smart, passionate and resourceful doers. 

Inherently mobile -- Mobile will continue to fundamentally transform how we discover, learn, communicate, transact and interact with the world around us. We back companies that are uniquely designed for and enabled by being mobile. Whether it's beautifully crafted service experiences perfectly integrated with the mobile context or new technology enablers that extract, collect, filter and make sense of geo-temporal and other mobile data in novel ways, we want to hear about it.